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Project Description Owner Last Change
projets/avi-ogminfo.git avi-ogminfo, old gtkmm media analyzer Guillaume Castagnino 10 years ago
projets/cm-custom.git Build tree to construct an installable zip to flash in recovery after cm update. Guillaume Castagnino 6 weeks ago
projets/fookb-perso.git fookb fork for personnal use and needs Guillaume Castagnino 4 years ago
projets/fookb-qt.git QML keyboard indicator for my personnal needs Guillaume Castagnino 6 months ago
projets/gtk-fuser.git gtk-fuser, fuser perl-gtk frontend Guillaume Castagnino 13 years ago
projets/postfix-filter.git small spamd/clamd wrapper for postfix Guillaume Castagnino 8 years ago