2020-06-10 Guillaume Castagninorevert kdeconnect master
2020-06-10 Guillaume Castagninorollback kdeconnect stuff
2020-06-06 Guillaume Castagninoadd evp
2020-06-06 Guillaume Castagninoenhance kdeconnect iptables rules
2020-06-05 Guillaume Castagninoadd kdeconnect server ports
2020-06-05 Guillaume Castagninoadd kdeconnect server ports
2020-04-14 Guillaume Castagninomove docker
2020-04-13 Guillaume Castagninomerge
2019-12-30 Guillaume Castagninoswitch to eth0 + bridges
2019-11-20 Guillaume Castagninoremove ruled handled by the openwrt gateway
2019-11-12 Guillaume Castagninoenable bridge
2019-10-28 Guillaume Castagninoadd evq
2019-10-09 Guillaume Castagninokeep the full range here
2019-10-07 Guillaume Castagninorestrict munich range
2019-05-22 Guillaume Castagninoopen fw as client through vpn
2019-05-17 Guillaume Castagninoallow vm net access to vpn
2019-05-17 Guillaume Castagninomigrate openvpn endpoint
2019-04-23 Guillaume Castagninoadd wks openvpn routing
2019-03-30 Guillaume Castagninomove vpn
2019-03-30 Guillaume Castagninoswith to wireguard
2019-03-29 Guillaume Castagninoroute modem network
2019-03-29 Guillaume Castagninocleanup iptabled
2019-03-29 Guillaume Castagninocleanup iptables
2019-03-28 Guillaume Castagninochange vpn
2019-03-28 Guillaume Castagninoswitch openvpn to wireguard
2019-03-04 Guillaume Castagninoclean iptables
2019-03-04 Guillaume Castagninoseparate dhcp client from rest
2019-02-28 Guillaume Castagninoremove work vpn, now in gateway
2019-02-20 Guillaume Castagninobridge
2018-12-18 Guillaume Castagninoenable conntrack helper for ftp
2018-10-21 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-10-21 Guillaume Castagninoup iptables
2018-10-12 Guillaume Castagninorename vpn, add mtp vpn
2018-10-10 Guillaume Castagninoadd wifi
2018-07-20 Guillaume Castagninobump
2018-07-19 Guillaume Castagninoup openvpn
2018-06-18 Guillaume Castagninorename da net
2018-06-18 Guillaume Castagninorename da net
2018-06-18 Guillaume Castagninocleanup iptables
2018-06-01 Guillaume Castagninoadd vpn
2018-05-18 Guillaume Castagninoup networks
2018-05-18 Guillaume Castagninoup net
2018-05-18 Guillaume Castagninoup network
2018-05-03 Guillaume Castagninoallow public ip access from vpn
2018-05-02 Guillaume Castagninotemporarily set source to for dhcp and migration
2017-09-17 Guillaume Castagninoadd ipv6
2017-04-21 Guillaume Castagninoclose xmpp service
2017-02-13 Guillaume Castagninorelax a bit the syn flood protection, thanks to chrome
2016-11-29 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-11-29 Guillaume Castagninoenable back ipv6, disable razor
2016-11-14 Guillaume Castagninoallow tethering
2016-11-14 Guillaume Castagninoallow irc from vpn
2016-10-13 Guillaume Castagninomerge
2016-10-13 Guillaume Castagninoadd nbt
2016-10-11 Guillaume Castagninofix missing replacements
2016-10-11 Guillaume Castagninoremove the ports array
2016-10-07 Guillaume Castagninoenable dhcp server
2016-10-07 Guillaume Castagninocleanup rules
2016-10-07 Guillaume Castagninocleanup rules
2016-10-07 Guillaume Castagninocleanup rules
2016-09-23 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-09-23 Guillaume Castagninoallow net through vpn
2016-08-22 Guillaume Castagninomerge
2016-08-22 Guillaume Castagninomove to macvlan
2016-07-28 Guillaume Castagninoallow samba
2016-07-28 Guillaume Castagninoallow dns requests
2016-07-28 Guillaume Castagninouse macvlan
2016-07-26 Guillaume Castagninofix dhcp server
2016-07-12 Guillaume Castagninoadd one more bridge
2016-07-11 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-07-11 Guillaume Castagninofix nat if server cannot access the client and needs...
2016-07-09 Guillaume Castagninofix ip
2016-07-08 Guillaume Castagninomissing cleanup
2016-07-08 Guillaume Castagninoadd bridge forward
2016-07-08 Guillaume Castagninoup interfaces
2016-07-08 Guillaume Castagninoup interfaces
2016-07-08 Guillaume Castagninoadd mandatory iface
2016-07-08 Guillaume Castagninorestrict traffic by interface too
2016-06-01 Guillaume Castagninocleanup
2016-05-31 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-05-31 Guillaume Castagninocleanup iptables conf
2016-05-31 Guillaume Castagninoadd cups
2016-05-31 Guillaume Castagninoadd some networks
2016-05-30 Guillaume Castagninoenable some vpn forwards
2016-05-30 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-05-30 Guillaume Castagninofix iface name
2016-05-28 Guillaume Castagninodns--
2016-05-25 Guillaume Castagninomissing ipt rule
2016-05-25 Guillaume Castagninoadd some forwards
2016-05-25 Guillaume Castagninoclean iptables now services are no more there
2016-05-24 Guillaume Castagninoup iptables
2016-05-24 Guillaume Castagninoadd Alderaan ipt
2016-05-24 Guillaume Castagninore-add vpn
2016-02-09 Guillaume Castagninoup beeware conf
2016-02-09 Guillaume Castagninoadd missing forward
2016-02-09 Guillaume Castagninomove admin network
2015-10-05 Guillaume Castagninoset -e is a plage here
2015-10-02 Guillaume Castagninoopen virtualbox rdp
2015-09-19 Guillaume Castagninothis one may fail too
2015-09-17 Guillaume Castagninofix error handling