5 days ago Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xwing.info/home... master
5 days ago Guillaume Castagninoapp-office/grisbi: version bump
7 days ago Guillaume Castagninonet-im/sky: bump, use debian build
7 days ago Guillaume Castagninoadd distfile
7 days ago Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/noto-stripped: bump for noto mono update
12 days ago Guillaume Castagninonow in tree
12 days ago Guillaume Castagninobumped in tree
13 days ago Guillaume Castagninouse unhinted tarball
13 days ago Guillaume Castagninobump noto
13 days ago Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/noto-stripped: bump
13 days ago Guillaume Castagninoapp-office/grisbi: add grisbi unstable version
2020-06-18 Guillaume Castagninoadd noto emoji package
2020-06-18 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/noto-emoji-stripped: noto emoji minimal...
2020-06-17 Guillaume Castagninoadd distfile
2020-06-17 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/noto-stripped: bump
2020-06-16 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/noto-stripped: add stripped version of...
2020-06-16 Guillaume Castagninoadd noto stripped
2020-06-16 Guillaume Castagninodrop
2020-06-16 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/inter: fix workdir
2020-06-16 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/inter: bump to 3.13
2020-06-15 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/ibm-plex: bump to 5.0.0
2020-06-12 Guillaume Castagninonet-im/sky: add an ebuild for sky up te date from ubunt...
2020-06-05 Guillaume Castagninomedia-gfx/rawtherapee: add back -O3
2020-05-15 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/source-pro: switch to otf as ttf is in...
2020-05-10 Guillaume Castagninomedia-gfx/rawtherapee: disable force -O3
2020-05-09 Guillaume Castagninomedia-gfx/rawtherapee: sync tree changes
2020-05-04 Guillaume Castagninoadd up to date vollkorn
2020-04-10 Guillaume Castagninodrop, now in tree
2020-03-20 Guillaume Castagninonet-mail/cyrus-imapd: bump to 3.0.13 and fix libcap
2020-02-21 Guillaume Castagninomedia-gfx/sane-backends: version bump
2020-02-09 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/inter: version bump
2020-01-23 Guillaume Castagninox11-themes/amber-theme: fix custom color patch
2020-01-22 Guillaume Castagninoadd greybird ebuild based on meson build
2020-01-18 Guillaume Castagninoupdate ebuild
2019-12-27 Guillaume Castagninodrop unstable colord
2019-12-17 Guillaume Castagninomedia-gfx: bump gthumb, using new meson build system
2019-12-17 Guillaume Castagninodrop geeqie
2019-12-16 Guillaume Castagninoobsolete
2019-12-13 Guillaume Castagninoadd missing ebuild
2019-12-13 Guillaume Castagninodo not use full tree as in portage ebuild, use the...
2019-12-12 Guillaume Castagninoobsolete
2019-12-12 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xwing.info/home...
2019-12-12 Guillaume Castagninothis is now using meson build, I do not use it anymore...
2019-12-08 Guillaume Castagninoremove no more existing arch
2019-12-08 Guillaume Castagninofix build with -vala
2019-11-18 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/ibm-plex: bump to 4.0.1
2019-10-27 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/nunito-sans: initial import
2019-10-23 Guillaume Castagninobump inter
2019-10-22 Guillaume Castagninodrop this, this is auto-hinted, so no interest
2019-10-22 Guillaume Castagninoup ubuntu font
2019-10-22 Guillaume Castagninofix path
2019-10-22 Guillaume Castagninoadd lato 3.002 snapshot
2019-10-22 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xwing.info/home...
2019-10-22 Guillaume Castagninouse correct version
2019-10-19 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/ibm-plex: add 3.0.0
2019-10-09 Guillaume Castagninonow in tree
2019-10-03 Guillaume Castagninofix workdir
2019-10-03 Guillaume Castagninoadd liberation-sans-narrow
2019-10-01 Guillaume Castagninobump grisbi
2019-09-27 Guillaume Castagninonow in tree
2019-09-27 Guillaume Castagninofix ebuild
2019-09-27 Guillaume Castagninouse a snapshot instead of live ebuild, it does not...
2019-09-17 Guillaume Castagninofix ebuild
2019-09-17 Guillaume Castagninoredigest
2019-09-17 Guillaume Castagninoadd custom inter build
2019-09-11 Guillaume Castagninofix font_s in some installs
2019-09-11 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/inter: add inter font
2019-09-11 Guillaume CastagninoMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xwing.info/home...
2019-09-11 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/source-pro: update sans and serif font
2019-08-26 Guillaume Castagninonew version in tree
2019-07-31 Guillaume Castagninosync live ebuild with tree
2019-07-18 Guillaume Castagninoupdate ebuild to match new meson build system
2019-07-10 Guillaume Castagninonow in tree
2019-07-09 Guillaume Castagninoin tree
2019-06-14 Guillaume Castagninobump liberation font
2019-05-29 Guillaume Castagninocleanup
2019-05-29 Guillaume Castagninocleanup
2019-05-29 Guillaume Castagninocleanup
2019-05-29 Guillaume Castagninocleanup
2019-05-29 Guillaume Castagninono need to eautoreconf
2019-05-29 Guillaume Castagninoremove live ebuild
2019-05-19 Guillaume Castagninoadd lato
2019-05-18 Guillaume Castagninobump colord, migrate to meson build
2019-05-16 Guillaume Castagninofix workdir
2019-05-16 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/eb-garamond: add octavio pardo version
2019-05-13 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/roboto-hinted: Add roboto hinted version
2019-05-10 Guillaume Castagninoremove custom, as it’s broken
2019-05-10 Guillaume Castagninodarken a bit more custom
2019-05-10 Guillaume Castagninofix maifest
2019-05-10 Guillaume Castagninofix install
2019-05-10 Guillaume Castagninofix custom
2019-05-10 Guillaume Castagninoupdate plano ebuild
2019-05-10 Guillaume Castagninox11-themes/amber-theme: update ebuild with custom changes
2019-05-08 Guillaume Castagninoinstall both Pro and Variable version as name does...
2019-05-08 Guillaume Castagninoremove keywords from variable version, it’s blurry
2019-05-08 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/source-pro: add variable version
2019-05-08 Guillaume Castagninofix path
2019-05-08 Guillaume Castagninomedia-fonts/source-pro: fix ebuild sources
2019-05-08 Guillaume CastagninoRevert "Revert "media-fonts/source-pro: bump sans and...
2019-05-08 Guillaume CastagninoRevert "media-fonts/source-pro: bump sans and serif"