up tzdata
[projets/cm-custom.git] / cm-data /
2016-04-22 Guillaume Castagninoup tzdata
2016-03-04 Guillaume Castagninomute camera
2016-02-17 Guillaume Castagninoup tzdata
2016-02-17 Guillaume Castagninoreintroduce snap
2016-01-17 Guillaume Castagninosettings.db is no more in 6. seems there are xml files...
2016-01-15 Guillaume Castagninouse ime for marshmallow
2016-01-15 Guillaume Castagninoadd Snap (cm13)
2015-09-15 Guillaume Castagninouse priviledged installer
2015-09-01 Guillaume Castagninomove some logic to a backup/restore script to avoid...
2015-06-14 Guillaume Castagninoup swype lib
2015-05-19 Guillaume Castagninopackage to customize cm12.1