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[projets/cm-custom.git] / dist-font /
2020-06-17 Guillaume Castagninoswitch ibm plex to noto
2020-06-15 Guillaume Castagninoupdate plex to 5.0.0
2020-04-05 Guillaume Castagninodisable sign, add font fix on std/medium
2019-11-01 Guillaume Castagninoswitch back to ibn plex
2019-09-12 Guillaume Castagninodrop crap
2019-09-12 Guillaume Castagninoswitch to inter
2019-08-29 Guillaume CastagninoIBM Plex -> Open Sans
2019-08-27 Guillaume Castagninodrop custom font
2019-05-27 Guillaume Castagninochange font
2019-05-20 Guillaume Castagninofix colon char for clock
2019-05-19 Guillaume Castagninofix permission and restore
2019-05-19 Guillaume Castagninoadd error
2019-05-19 Guillaume Castagninoadd lato bundle
2019-04-24 Guillaume CastagninoRevert "fix sed for busybox"
2019-04-24 Guillaume Castagninofix sed for busybox