switch from quad9 to cloudflare
[projets/cm-custom.git] / dist-google-more /
2019-04-22 Guillaume Castagninotry again an other thing, this is driving me crazy
2019-04-21 Guillaume Castagninocleanup the correct path
2019-04-21 Guillaume Castagninorework script so that it’s not broken by lineage backup...
2019-04-20 Guillaume Castagninotry to fix again addon.d persist
2019-04-20 Guillaume Castagninoadd addon.d-v2 flag
2019-04-19 Guillaume Castagninorework zip installation, remove blob
2019-04-17 Guillaume Castagninofix system root
2019-04-17 Guillaume Castagninofix A/B /system root
2017-07-12 Guillaume Castagninoheavy makefile rework
2017-07-12 Guillaume Castagninosplit google clean