2021-04-12 Guillaume Castagninoupdate debloat mindthegapps master
2021-04-04 Guillaume Castagninobackup OpenCamera system flavor
2021-04-03 Guillaume Castagninofix mount system
2021-04-03 Guillaume Castagninoandroid11, addond 3
2020-09-08 Guillaume Castagninoswitch from quad9 to cloudflare
2020-08-24 Guillaume Castagninodrop Eleven
2020-08-09 Guillaume Castagninodisable recorder
2020-08-09 Guillaume Castagninodrop gallery2 and etar from lineageos, prefer fdroid...
2020-07-14 Guillaume Castagninolet quickstep
2020-06-17 Guillaume Castagninoswitch ibm plex to noto
2020-06-15 Guillaume Castagninoupdate plex to 5.0.0
2020-04-22 Guillaume Castagninojelly was moved
2020-04-05 Guillaume Castagninogive back task switcher on 10
2020-04-05 Guillaume Castagninonew location for apps
2020-04-05 Guillaume Castagninodisable sign, add font fix on std/medium
2019-11-01 Guillaume Castagninoswitch back to ibn plex
2019-09-12 Guillaume Castagninodrop crap
2019-09-12 Guillaume Castagninoswitch to inter
2019-09-08 Guillaume Castagninocustomize default density
2019-08-29 Guillaume CastagninoIBM Plex -> Open Sans
2019-08-27 Guillaume Castagninodrop custom font
2019-05-27 Guillaume Castagninochange font
2019-05-20 Guillaume Castagninofix colon char for clock
2019-05-19 Guillaume Castagninofix permission and restore
2019-05-19 Guillaume Castagninoadd error
2019-05-19 Guillaume Castagninoadd lato bundle
2019-04-26 Guillaume Castagninodisable the comming back of device admin
2019-04-25 Guillaume Castagninoclean proprietary service
2019-04-24 Guillaume CastagninoRevert "fix sed for busybox"
2019-04-24 Guillaume Castagninofix sed for busybox
2019-04-22 Guillaume Castagninotry again an other thing, this is driving me crazy
2019-04-21 Guillaume Castagninocleanup the correct path
2019-04-21 Guillaume Castagninorework script so that it’s not broken by lineage backup...
2019-04-20 Guillaume Castagninotry to fix again addon.d persist
2019-04-20 Guillaume Castagninoadd addon.d-v2 flag
2019-04-19 Guillaume Castagninorework zip installation, remove blob
2019-04-18 Guillaume Castagninodrop new trebuchet, keep updater for now, twrp is a...
2019-04-17 Guillaume Castagninofix system root
2019-04-17 Guillaume Castagninofix A/B /system root
2019-01-05 Guillaume Castagninodrop camzra2 in pri-app, arrowos
2018-12-17 Guillaume Castagninoremove google crap
2018-12-03 Guillaume Castagninodrop dtv blob
2018-11-30 Guillaume Castagninotrash launcher
2018-11-29 Guillaume Castagninoclean apps
2018-11-29 Guillaume Castagninoremove
2018-07-19 Guillaume Castagninorevert, this is crap
2018-07-19 Guillaume Castagninoenable back automation configuration
2018-07-18 Guillaume Castagninorevome substratum stuff
2018-07-18 Guillaume Castagninoremove opendelta
2018-07-17 Guillaume Castagninopunt MatLog too
2018-07-16 Guillaume Castagninoremove omnirom bloat too
2017-10-23 Guillaume Castagninokeep google TTS
2017-09-03 Guillaume Castagninoupdater
2017-08-04 Guillaume Castagninodo not redirect dns for vpn
2017-07-23 Guillaume Castagninofix path
2017-07-23 Guillaume Castagninoinit script is a mess due to selinux
2017-07-23 Guillaume Castagninorename init script
2017-07-12 Guillaume Castagninorework targets to enable make to check that source...
2017-07-12 Guillaume Castagninoremove intermedaite target
2017-07-12 Guillaume Castagninoheavy makefile rework
2017-07-12 Guillaume Castagninosplit google clean
2017-07-09 Guillaume Castagninoremove feedback anegnt too
2017-07-09 Guillaume Castagninodisable backup transport too
2017-06-30 Guillaume Castagninobetter than phony
2017-06-30 Guillaume Castagninofix build
2017-06-30 Guillaume Castagninorework build, fix google install
2017-06-30 Guillaume Castagninofix build
2017-06-30 Guillaume Castagninoadd google apps debloat
2017-06-07 Guillaume Castagninobrowsers cleanup
2017-05-07 Guillaume Castagninonew captive portal setting
2017-04-27 Guillaume Castagninoenable back Eleven
2017-03-28 Guillaume Castagninomove snap
2017-03-28 Guillaume Castagninoremove snap, update tz
2016-08-12 Guillaume Castagninoadd hexolibre to bloat list
2016-05-29 Guillaume Castagninotrash timeservice
2016-05-23 Guillaume Castagninoremove gello
2016-04-24 Guillaume Castagninoseems that runtime now needs setupwizard
2016-04-22 Guillaume Castagninoup tzdata
2016-04-22 Guillaume Castagninouse fstab
2016-03-04 Guillaume Castagninomute camera
2016-02-17 Guillaume Castagninoup tzdata
2016-02-17 Guillaume Castagninoreintroduce snap
2016-01-17 Guillaume Castagninosettings.db is no more in 6. seems there are xml files...
2016-01-16 Guillaume Castagninorename (now cm13 :p)
2016-01-15 Guillaume Castagninouse ime for marshmallow
2016-01-15 Guillaume Castagninoadd Snap (cm13)
2015-09-15 Guillaume Castagninouse priviledged installer
2015-09-01 Guillaume Castagninoadd gitignore
2015-09-01 Guillaume Castagninomove some logic to a backup/restore script to avoid...
2015-08-21 Guillaume Castagninofix date format
2015-08-07 Guillaume Castagninoremove lock profile provider
2015-06-14 Guillaume Castagninoup swype lib
2015-06-02 Guillaume Castagninofix strange LD_PATH error with last twrp
2015-06-02 Guillaume Castagninoreport script error correctly
2015-05-19 Guillaume Castagninocleanup
2015-05-19 Guillaume Castagninokeystore not used
2015-05-19 Guillaume Castagninoremove unused files in tree
2015-05-19 Guillaume Castagninopackage to customize cm12.1