descriptionmy vim configuration
ownerGuillaume Castagnino
last changeFri, 15 Jul 2016 19:46:00 +0000 (21:46 +0200)
2016-07-15 Guillaume Castagninodo not force bg color master
2015-11-11 Guillaume Castagninoswitch of comment plugin
2015-06-05 Guillaume Castagninoimprove vim speed in tmux over ssh
2014-08-19 Guillaume Castagninoallow to not save buffers
2013-12-20 Guillaume Castagninoup ts
2013-12-14 Guillaume Castagninohack to make gvim open fullscreen
2013-09-06 Guillaume Castagninosome cleanup
2013-09-04 Guillaume Castagninofix listchars
2013-09-02 Guillaume Castagninoadd nbsp
2013-08-14 Guillaume Castagninofix syntax
2013-08-14 Guillaume Castagninosome config cleanup
2013-08-09 Guillaume Castagninoadd confgen
2013-08-07 Guillaume Castagninonumber by default, disable for tag list plugin
2013-06-26 Guillaume Castagninoupdate taglist
2012-11-10 Guillaume Castagninoclean tabulation and spaces at end of lines
2012-11-09 Guillaume Castagninofix control chars in vim when in screen/tmux
3 years ago master