Cleanup for Android ROM and gapps
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set -e
# $SYSTEM set by the caller
# $PRODUCT set by the caller
# $SYSTEM_EXT set by the caller
cd "$(dirname $0)"
export PATH="${PATH}:${SYSTEM}/bin:${SYSTEM}/xbin"
# install iptables script
echo "Installing font"
8 months ago
cp cm-data/*/*.ttf ${SYSTEM}/fonts/
chown root:root ${SYSTEM}/fonts/*.ttf
chmod 644 ${SYSTEM}/fonts/*.ttf
# install restore script
echo "Installing restore script"
cp cm-data/ ${SYSTEM}/addon.d/
chown root:root ${SYSTEM}/addon.d/
chmod 755 ${SYSTEM}/addon.d/
# call restore script post to remove bloat
export SYSTEM
export PRODUCT
${SYSTEM}/addon.d/ post-restore
echo "Done"