Cleanup for Android ROM and gapps
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Guillaume Castagnino 4d709ab694
break DNS on modern android
2 weeks ago
META-INF/com/google/android fix problèmes de protée de la fonction 11 months ago
common mutualize header 11 months ago
dist-font add a big patch to handle android 12 that use by default a variable font -> sed is not working 2 weeks ago
dist-google move lineageos pixel stuff to the correct zib 11 months ago
dist-google-more no need to handle a separate makefile 11 months ago
dist-std break DNS on modern android 2 weeks ago
tools package to customize cm12.1 7 years ago
.gitignore update gitignore 8 months ago
Makefile rebuild if common files changed 11 months ago switch ibm plex to noto 2 years ago replace Noto with IBM Plex 7 months ago